2003 Daniel Nimham
Intertribal Pow Wow

An intertribal pow wow to honor the memory of a
forgotten hero, his son Abraham and the
Wappinger Indians of the Hudson Valley who gave
their lives for liberty during the American Revolution.

Saturday August 16th and
Sunday August 17th, 2003

Putnam County Veteran's Memorial Park at Kent Lakes, NY


Host Drum: Nimham Mountain Singers

Nimham Mountain Singers At Van Cortland Park

Co-Host Drum: Drum Circle Singers
(aka Stolen Thunder)

and Wolf Spirit drum

  • Grand Entry at Noon and at 7:30 PM on Saturday
  • Dance competitions
  • Day money available for registered dancers
  • Native Crafts
  • Camping available for dancers
  • Birds of Prey
  • Archery Demonstration
  • Native Foods
  • Story Telling
  • Aztec Dancers
  • Drug and alcohol program with Lunging Bear
  • Talk on native philosophy by Frank San Marco
  • Tee Pee's and Lodge Frames

Copyright 2001 Nimham Mountain Singers Copyright 2001 Nimham Mountain Singers

The proud Wappinger Indians lived throughout Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties in eastern New York State.

Fighting alongside the Patriots, they helped push the British out of Boston, fought at Monmouth and other important Revolutionary War battles and were instrumental in helping the colonials win their war of independance.

Father and son, Daniel and Abraham Nimham with 40 Wappinger and Stockbridge Indians lost their lives at the battle of Cortlandt's Ridge in the Bronx during an ambush in August of 1778.

Copyright 2001 Nimham Mountain Singers

There's so much more to share with everyone!

The General Public is Welcome and
Encouraged to Attend!
Parking and Admission are Free!
Come enjoy our culture, and learn about the natives that once lived in the highlands of the historic Hudson Valley
Please, no drugs or alcohol on the grounds

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2001 Powwow  Bongoboy.com 2001 Powwow  Bongoboy.com

This event is hosted by the
Nimham Mountain Singers

Call Gil Tarbox at (845) 225-8154

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