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First Child of the New Millenium

January 1, 2001

CARMEL, N.Y. — Jennifer and Robert Shannon of Kent never dreamed they would be the parents of Putnam’s first baby of the new year, but nature decided otherwise. At 6 pounds, 3 ounces, James Nicholas entered the world and 2001 at 12:16 a.m. New Year’s Day.

“Our family and friends had told us over and over again that I would deliver Putnam’s first baby, but I didn’t believe them. I still didn’t believe it when I went into labor and Robbie rushed me down here,” said Jennifer Shannon yesterday as she recuperated at Putnam Hospital Center.

Dad beamed with pride when his son was brought into his wife’s room. “I am very excited. It’s nice being the first of the year, but it would have been nice from a financial point of view if James was born on Dec. 31. It’s called a tax exemption,” he said with a broad grin.

Robert Shannon is assistant chief of the Lake Carmel Fire Department. He said there was quite a bit of ribbing going on among his firefighting colleagues. “We stopped at the firehouse on New Year’s Eve and the guys volunteered to deliver the baby right at the fire station,” he said.

The 29-year-old Shannon is a third generation fire chief in Lake Carmel.

Both Shannons praised the excellent care mom and baby received at Putnam Hospital Center. “We are already part of the hospital family,” Robert Shannon said. His mother-in-law is Fran McCarthy, an intensive care unit nurse, and his sister, Jackie Christian, works in the emergency room. Ron McCarthy Jr., his brother-in-law, is a nurse at the hospital.

Robert Shannon is employed at Danbury Pharmaceutical in Carmel. Jennifer Shannon works during the summer as an EMT for the Kent Recreation Department day camp.

Fran McCarthy said she was thrilled with the New Year’s Day surprise. “I’m so happy for them. Now Jeremy has a little brother. He loves to read and he can soon start reading to his little brother,” she said.

Jeremy Michael is 7 and a second-grader at the Kent School Complex.

Fran McCarthy said she was relieved that “my baby (Jennifer is the youngest of her five children) has a healthy little boy. She was uncomfortable for some time.”

She said James is her fifth grandson. “They range in age from 18 years to this little guy. There must be something in the genes but it would be nice having a little granddaughter one of these days. Hopefully soon!”


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