In a stunning upset victory, Kent Town Council candidate Kathy Doherty has earned the Republican ballot line for the November general elections. Handily defeating incumbent Councilwoman Pat Madigan and narrowly defeating Lou Tartaro, both of whom were endorsed by County Executive Bob Bondi, Ms. Doherty received 562 votes, Lou Tartaro 554 and Ms. Madigan 487 votes.*

Ms Doherty will now appear on the Republican, Democrat and Kent Volunteer party lines in the November race as she continues her run for the Council seat given up by Denis Illuminate. Councilwoman Madigan has only the Conservative line with Supervisor candidate Illuminate, for the General elections in November.

At a celebratory victory party held after the polls closed almost 100 Kent residents came to offer Ms Doherty their hearty congratulations, among them Supervisor Annemarie Baisley.

In the race for County Legislature, challenger Seifert made an excellent showing against incumbent Arne Nordstrom.

In the race for Town Justice challenger Fagnani also made a good showing in the race, especially for his first time out. Mr. Seifert and Mr. Fagnani are still on the ballot for the November elections and from their strong showing in the primaries the November races could be interesting. Stay tuned.

[* Numbers are unofficial and do not count absentee ballots.]


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005