Monday August 13, 2001
Kent Lakes, NY

     Councilman Denis Illuminate, candidate for Town Supervisor, took issue with a story posted to a citizen run web site that reports on town of Kent issues. "The information on that site is garbage!" thundered the Councilman in what was just the beginning of a 10 minute barrage of accusations leveled against the volunteer sysop, Jeff Green. Jeff joins a list of other dedicated volunteer residents to fall victim to the Councilman's wrath.

The Councilman was angry with a report regarding the recent town wide referendum. In the story the question was posed: "The one question on everyone's lips was: where were Council Members Denis Illuminati, Pat Madigan and Christine Woolley?...."

Councilman Illuminate apparently believed the question was unfair and explained that he was: (pick one)

  1. in the city at the theater,
  2. not invited by the Supervisor to the vote count or,
  3. as a law abiding citizen would not be present in the room when the vote count was taking place anyway

During the meeting the Councilman accused the web site operator of presenting his site as the "official" web site of the town and insisted he'd seen it in an advertisement in the Chamber of Commerce newsletter. Supervisor Baisley presented the newsletter whereupon the Councilman was unable to prove his assertion. He demanded the Town write a letter to the Chamber anyway just to make absolutely certain everyone understood that the town did not have an official web site. He also demanded the town get an official web to make it absolutely clear, crystal clear, that everyone knew that it was the official town web site and not the unofficial town web site. (This is normal for a Kent Town Board meeting but if you're not following this it's available on tape).

Mr Green questioned the Councilman asking which information was misstated or untrue. In response the Councilman said: "it's all garbage!" But Mr. Illuminate could not point to any specific item.

Explaining that the people of the town have a right to know what's going on at the government level Mr. Green reiterated his long standing offer to the Town Board: I'll post anything you want to the web site without censorship, comment or prejudice. The Board once again refused.


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