Assessment Grievance Review Date Changed.

For those of you who live in the Town of Kent, (or who just enjoy a good joke from time to time,) some new and rather important information was apparently accidently leaked by Supervisor Annmarie Baisley at a hot and heavy town board meeting last night:

The date of the Assessment Grievance Review has been moved back until Wednesday night, May 29th.

The original date was schedule for tomorrow, as was written on the forms residents received from Town Hall. But the Supervisor, in the middle of some intense questioning, made this announcement to a stunned and now, even angrier group of some 75 residents who demanded to know if Kent was paying its fair share of school district taxes or yet again, paying more than their neighbors.

One line of questions regarded the method the town has used for it's assessment this year (a trend analysis) and questions about the contract the town entered into under the guidance of Putnam County. Apparently we got screwed, and in a letter to Councilman Joseph D'Ambrosio in response to his own questions, County Executive Bondi bowed out of any responsibility for the problems. So, the county helped to get us into this and now they're not available to help us get out.

Stay Tuned!


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005