Councilman D'Ambrosio's Censure of Supervisor Annmarie Baisley

(released to the public record)

March 26th 2002

To: Town of Kent Attorney

Re: Official Sanctioning/Censuring of the Supervisor

I plan to bring an Official Sanctioning request to the Town of Kent Town Board. Given the facts indicated below A-E

A: This request pertains to actions not taken and not followed through by the current Supervisor: An Official Town Board Resolution was passed to authorize the Black Baud Software company the contract for the Town of Kent Software implementation.

I contend that the Supervisor never officially compiled with, nor moved to contact this company officially by letter, nor by phone instead choose to stall and circumvent the legality of the said resolution to employ Black Baud. That her first official contact with the Black Baud Company and representative was Thursday January 31st 2002-when she berated and verbally accused the said Black Baud representative and called her amongst other things a "Liar". I know this to be true because I called this Black Baud representative myself to ask how the company was reacting to the withdrawl of the the Official Town Board Resolution. She informed me she was never informed of the original resolution never mind the with-drawl. She did inform me of contact with the Town Accountant, but this contact was never to inform or relay any message from the Supervisor informing her of said Resolution being past or withdrawn. To me these actions are Clear-the Supervisor had never any intention to follow the Implementation of this said Resolution. I feel this is a deliberate act of defiance and contempt of the Town Board and therefore warrants sanction by the Board.

B: The fact that I have not received a monthly financial statement of any kind in the past two years-since the year 2000. That as a result of this fact-I have filed a letter of protest to the Town Council and I am continuing to sign vouchers under protest. That I am not the only Town Councilman to do so. That the Town Council has instructed the Supervisor to comply with the rules and obligation under the law to Provide such documentation but that she has continued not to do so.

C: That the Supervisor continues to exhibit a pattern of harassing, screaming and yelling at employees under her employ and within The Towns Administrative Office. That this at the very least reflects an professional attitude and demeanor that proves to be an overall embarrassment to the Board, the employees effected and the Town as a whole. To note; we have since had 5 Accountants who have since resigned. The last of which as a matter of public record stated her reasons for doing so. I think those words speak for themselves and to the cause-the Supervisor. This pattern has also taken place with the Supervisors Secretary-we have had an unusual number of people come and go.

D: That the Supervisor knowingly and willingly tried to purchase a brand new automobile worth approx. $14,000.00 without the Town Boards proper notice or approval.

E: That the Supervisor knowingly submitted a Press Release-without approval of the full board and that the said Press Release contained untruths and misleading statements.

I refer this matter to the Town Attorney and I also plan to refer such matters to the Town Board Ethics Committee.

Respectively submitted:
Joe D'Ambrosio
Town Councilman
Town of Kent


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