Jeep overturns on Route 301

A Putnam Valley man admitted that he should have "stayed in bed" after his Jeep overturned in Kent.

Vincenzo Lodato, 40, was en route to a hunting expedition last Saturday when the crash took place on rain slicked Route 301 near Dixon Road.

Kent Police Sgt. Jerry Raneri and New York City Department of Environmental Protection Officer Michael Perry found the victim trapped inside his demolished vehicle with the Jeep's frame on top of Lodato's arm. The officers and a passerby managed to lift the vehicle a few inches off the ground and Lodato freed his arm.

Lodato was administered to by a paramedic from the Sloper-Willen Community Ambulance Company and was taken to Putnam Hospital Center by members of the Kent Fire Department Rescue Squad. A hospital spokeswoman said Lodato was treated for a severely bruised arm and was released.

Sgt. Raneri said the driver was extremely fortunate. "The poor guy's Jeep flipped over. DEP Officer Perry and others managed to get him out but the vehicle also contained a shotgun and dozens of rounds of ammunition that could have caused more serious problems. Thank goodness none of the ammunition went off," he said.

Police issued no summons.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005