June 28, 2001

Jeanne Frey heard a thunderous boom and the sun was shining.

The owner of a home at 13 Putnam Drive in Lake Carmel thought the world ended last week when a large dump truck pulling a trailer that contained heavy black topping equipment lost its steering while traveling down an incline and slammed into several trees as well as two vehicles parked in her driveway.

"I really thought it was all over when that truck came headed towards the house. I took off and was relieved to see that the trees prevented the truck from crashing into my home," said Mrs. Frey.

Kent Police said the truck's two occupants, the driver, Leonard Stanley 43, of Stormville and a passenger, Donnie Sampson, 35, of Highland in Ulster County, escaped serious injury. They were taken by ambulance to Putnam Hospital Center where they were checked out.

Officer James Oster, who investigated the accident, said the truck was owned by the Mr. Blacktop Company of Carmel.

Detective Kevin Douchkoff called the crash "fortunate since no one was seriously injured. This block has a load of young children living in nearby houses. With school out for the summer, this could have been a disaster of monumental proportions."


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