Bronx man sentenced for attempted larceny in Kent


(Original publication: November 1 , 2001)

CARMEL A man charged last year in a scheme to buy expensive wine using a stolen credit card was sentenced yesterday to 1 to 3 years in state prison.

Putnam County Court Judge Robert Miller handed the sentence to Glenn Blease, 33, formerly of Walton Avenue in the Bronx, despite Blease's contention that when he entered a guilty plea in July 2000 to one count of attempted third-degree grand larceny, he was to receive a sentence of six months in jail plus five years probation.

As far as Miller was concerned, that deal was pulled off the table when Blease failed to show for a scheduled Aug. 22, 2000, sentencing. Due to a clerical error, he was released from the county jail after entering the plea on July 6, 2000.

"When you were inadvertently released, at that time did you not know there was a sentencing date?" Miller asked.

"No, sir," replied Blease, who stood in leg shackles, handcuffs and a khaki prison jumpsuit, and was represented by Carmel attorney Adam B. Levy.

But Miller said he was "99-and-one-half percent sure" that Blease knew of his sentencing date, then gave him 1 to 3 years on the felony charge.

Blease was initially charged in May 2000 with third-degree grand larceny after placing an order for $5,663 worth of champagne from Geerlings & Wade on Route 52 using a stolen credit card. The credit card company notified Kent police after the order was placed. When Blease went to the store to pick up his order, Kent police, posing as store employees, arrested him.

After his July 2000 release from the Putnam County jail, he was arrested and jailed in California and New York City on charges unrelated to the Kent scheme.

Because the case was still pending, earlier this year a Putnam County grand jury indicted Blease on 55 felony counts related to the wine scheme. He was arrested this past August after he was released from Riker's Island, where he had served time on the New York City charge.

Putnam Chief Assistant District Christopher York said he would not prosecute the additional charges providing Blease agreed not to appeal yesterday's sentencing.


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