Danbury News Times

December 26, 2000

A Brewster man faces up to one year in jail for allegedly dragging a pedestrian alongside his car after the victimís hand became wedged in the driverís door.

Jason Haviland, 21, was arrested and charged Sunday with reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident.

Kent police Chief Donald Smith said Haviland was stopped on Warwick Road in Lake Carmel at 1:30 a.m. when the unidentified 33-year-old victim approached his car.

Smith said Haviland suddenly drove off, dragging the victim for 20 feet.

The victim, who police did not identify, sustained only scrapes and bruises. He was treated and released from Putnam Hospital Center.

Police said Haviland knew his alleged assailant and Haviland was called by authorities and he turned himself into police yesterday.

Following arraignment, Haviland was released without bail pending a Jan. 9 court hearing.

District Attorney Kevin Wright said both offenses are Class A misdemeanors and are punishable upon conviction by up to one year on the county jail.


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