Hit and Run

On 1/23/2003 at 6:12pm a hit & run motor vehicle collision reportedly occurred at the intersection of Route 52 & Route 311. PO Tara Flynn responded to investigate.

Investigation revealed that a blue in color newer model Honda CRV plummeted into the rear of one 1995 Chevrolet occupied by two adults and three children ages 7, 9 and 15 that was stopped in the eastbound lane of Route 52 at the steady red traffic light. It is not known what the circumstances were involving the CRV driver because the CRV driver bounced off the rear of the Chevrolet (extensive damage to both vehicles), drove across the intersection's median, plowed over State DOT's Yield Sign, struck the southbound lane guiderail on the Route 311 causeway and then proceeded south across the causeway at a high rate of speed to an unknown destination.

No one in the Chevrolet was injured, but their heavily damaged vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

PO Flynn recovered several pieces of the Blue Honda CRV that the fleeing driver left at the sight of the collision. It is believed that the suspect vehicle is missing it's driver side view mirror, portions of it's front plastic bumper, driver's side headlight, gold colored Honda emblem and it is believed that the passenger side of the Honda is damaged from impact with the guardrail.

Immediate BOLO messages were transmitted to surrounding police agencies and other Kent PD officers on patrol to be on the look out for the heavily damaged Honda, but to no avail. The Police investigation continues & Kent Police are asking for the public's assistance on this matter. Any person who witnessed the events or who happen to know of a blue Honda CRV that returned home that Thursday night with damage as has been described (or perhaps a Honda CRV that has suddenly "disappeared" from the neighborhood for a period of time) is asked to telephone the Kent Police at 225-4600 and speak with PO Flynn in regards. All calls will be treated as confidential.


Honda Dealer has conveyed to us that parts we recovered are from a BLACK colored CRV as opposed to blue which was initially believed to be the case. It is not unusual to have minor hit & run property damage collisions in town, but this person caused substantial damage and traumatized some small kids that were in the damaged vehicle. We'd like to see this person held accountable........... although the most we can do is give him a ticket for Leaving Scene of Property Damage Accident which is only classified as a traffic infraction (not a crime).


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005