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The aerial view of the property shows the North end of Horse Pound Road, just beyond the Kent police station on the West side of the road. The two-lane road in the upper left is Route 52 as Horse Pound goes in and immediately doubles back to the south. It finally comes out again by Ken's Carpets on 52.

On the same subject: the Santinelli family owned the property and businesses on Birch Hill/Patterson: Birch Hill Game Park, Big Birch Ski Area [now Thunder Ridge] and vast amounts of property on Fair Street, particularly near the George Fisher Middle School. They made their money in eyeglass-making equipment during WWII when they had the government contract for same. They also were co-founders of Lorlin Industries which is now on the back road to Danbury Mall between 7-11 on Mill Plain and the traffic light at Toys-R-Us. The company name comes from the Santinelli daughter, Loraine and the other partner's daughter, Linda.

The Santinellis purchased the property in this aerial view in the post-war era and refitted the O/J movie theater to become LeMay Optical Co. which remained in operation until about 1990. They also subdivided the property and gave or sold parcels to family members who built homes all along the south-bound section. The barns to the right would have been (or are) on the property behind the Milk Bottle Pillars on Route 52. - D.C.


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