The Real Route of Sybil Ludington

I recently corrected the route signs that the artist Eric Arctender assembled to commemorate the route that sybil rode...

The artist had been misled as to the actual route and his signs were placed in a manner not consistent with the actual history nor for that matter with the was as though someone had intentionally misled the man in an effort to subvert history to anothers benefit....

  • she was portrayed as having ridden farmers mills from 301 to 52 ...never happened...
  • she was portrayed as having ridden 52 from the milk bottlles and horsepound to horsepound at the getty station....never happened
  • she was portrayed as having ridden 301 from peekskill hollow rd to farmers mills rd....never happened
  • she was portrayed as having ridden hill street from Hitchcock Hill rd to cran rd to dixon road to 301....never happened....

Allow me to offer a synopsis of the actual route, I will start at the statue on Gleneida..:

  1. south on RT 6 to east lake Blvd...opposite the entrance to K/Mart
  2. follow East lake blvd. all the way until it dead ends around and past Mahopac Marine where you see a 10-foot dirt path leading to the intersection of 6 and 6-N....
  3. follow 6-n around the lake mahopac shore to red mills and the intersection of Hill street where you turn right at the bottom of the Hill
  4. Follow Hill Street north up and down to the intersection of Hitchcock hill Road and turn Left.
  5. Follow Hitchcock Hill Rd...up and up...and up and continue straight across at the intersection with Barett Hill Rd...
  6. Follow Barett Hill Rd for miles along a ridge until you come to a left turn with the large pond to your right and go down to the left to rt. 301, the left will come shortly after you see a fire dept pipe extending out of the ground on the right. It is a hydrant that draws water from the pond for firefighting.
  7. Over the wooden bridge to 301 and turn left...
  8. follow 301 to peekskill hollow rd and turn left for 300 feet to Richardsville rd.
  9. Follow Richardsville Rd. to a descending right turn that is the intersection with Sagamore Road
  10. Follow Sagamore Rd. to rte. 301 turning right on 301
  11. Follow 301 to Farmers Mills rd and turn left for 200 feet
  12. Turn left between the red barns onto Miller hill Road and follw it up and down under the parkway bridge to the intersection with and follow around to the right.
  13. Keep going past the Bethel Church (1835) and cross the bridge over I-84.
  14. Over the Bridge turn immediately right onto Townsend Rd. and follow to the 'T' intersection and turn left to the intersection with Rte. 52.
  15. Turn right on 52 and begin an eight mile leg up and back to the intersection of North Horsepound Rd. opposite the gas stations and immediately after the old inn (1740)
  16. Turn right at N. Horsepound and follow to Farmers Mills rd.
  17. Turn left at Farmers Mills and follow north uphill to 52....
  18. Turn right at 52 and follow to the resumption of Horsepound Road immediately after the "Milk Bottles" you will see them....
  19. Turn right onto horsepound and continue south until horsepound spills out onto 52 and turn right.
  20. Turning right onto 52 follow it to the statue.....


Now you know the real route of Sybil...with minor modifications.... for spots where the roads are under lakes now or plunge off into the forest unused an unmaintained...if you would like to see those contact me and i'll be happy to fill you in....have a nice tour...take a picnic...there are plenty of spots and several delis and restaurants along the way... in the interest of truth and accuracy i remain,
yours truly,

Bil Tulipane


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005