In the Month of the Popping Trees, 2000

To the Editor,

I'm sure some of the people in this neck of the woods, land of the Wappinger, are somewhat curious over the fact that I've been quiet for some time now, regarding the book "Chief Ninham Forgotten Hero," by author Eva Jean Bowman.

Since it seems to be up for discussion in the Nimham Times, witch strongly endorses the book, according to past issues, I decided to send you my words in this letter, concerning the children's book.

Throughout Native American history., there is without doubt more conflicts of the truth than in any other culture or historical past. It is often hard to find the facts, when so much and so many years have been painstakingly covered with lies and denial. It's hard, but it is not impossible. It's too bad Eva Jean Bowman, didn't find out what many of us know and that is, Chief Daniel Nimham spelled his name with an M, not an N, as the author seems to want to believe.

Thanks to his close friend Catharyna Brett, and her sons, Chief Nimham could both read and write. His son Abraham was also literate, and that is where the truth lies. Abraham Nimham joined the continental army and reached the rank of captain. He wrote letters to, and even addressed the continental congress. He spelled his name with an M. Abraham was joined by his father, Chief Daniel Nimham at Stockbridge Mass. The were both killed at Kingsbridge New York, Aug. 31,1778, at the battle of Cortland's Ridge. Both men, American RevolutionaryWar Heros.

A book has been put in the hands of our children, with a gross error. I look at this with a sad heart, for once again Native American history has been flawed, and Chief Nimham, as well as his son, Captain Abraham Nimham, deserve better than that.

Author Eva Jean Bowman, certainly took offense when Gil Crying Hawk, misspelled her name in his letter to The Nimham Times, Fall 2000. Personally, I found that ironic indeed.

In closing I would like to say from my heart, the spirit of Chief Daniel Nimham, is alive and well, here, in his land of the Wappingers. His spirit lives on in this land where he lived, with his sons, and they spelled their name,


ah ho

Penny Ann Osborn (no E)

25 years and still alive FREE LEONARD PELTIER


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005