To the Editor of the townofkent Website:

I read with considerable interest your article in the "townofkent" website, "The Cowards Among Us." Although your article was principally concerned with the school bond issue, it can be compared to the town center referendum campaign. In the town center campaign however, your description of the YES and NO information flyers is the exact opposite of the school bond issue campaign.

The "NO" flyers all had a contact name and a phone number. The "NO" flyers all contained the truth.

On the other hand, the "YES" flyers were filled with untruths and had no contact names and/or telephone numbers. The media was overwhelmingly pro-town center.

Please tell me which group was saying, "Look this is who I am!" and which group was hiding "behind the anonymity of a nameless, faceless" flyer in the town center referendum. It makes one wonder if private citizens were promoting this "YES" position or if all the cost and effort was provided by the town administration, wanting to remain anonymous. If true, this campaign was paid for by us taxpayers.

I do not expect you to recognize who the "cowards" are in the town center referendum process since you are such an ardent supporter of the town administration. In essence, you are one of the "cowards." I believe you did an admirable job describing yourself in your article. I request that you re-read it and put yourself in the "coward" position and see if the description fits. I believe it does. I did not see your name anywhere in your article.

An interesting result of the town center referendum that has not been mentioned to my knowledge, is that more voters in the Town of Kent turned out for this referendum than in any election in the past. I sincerely hope that this turnout was the result of intellectually informed voters wanting to express their right of citizenship and not just a propaganda victory for the "YES" group.

Oh, by the way. Returning to your article, my personal opinion is that our schools should not have leaking roofs, broken windows and inefficient boilers. Our school budget has been large enough for years and years to have properly maintained our schools. A school bond issue for maintenance is a direct indictment of our School Board's inept management.

Ann Olson

A representative of a progressive opinion about local government that may not exactly match your opinion.


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005