Here is a copy of the letter that was submitted to Supervisor Bil Tulipane
on Monday. The LCPD Advisory Committee found out that Mr. Tulipane ordered the
Kent Recreation Department to move into the Old Lake Carmel Firehouse without
a Town Board Resolution or a dialogue with the Residents of the Park District.
I guess now that the campaign is over, he can drop the pretense of an Open
Government Policy in Kent.

Liz Allison
Advisory Committee member

February 2, 2004

Supervisor Tulipane
Kent Town Board
531 Route 52
Kent Lakes, NY 10512

Re: Possible Leasing of Space at Old Lake Carmel Firehouse to the Recreation

Dear Supervisor Tulipane,

The Lake Carmel Park District Advisory Committee recently held their monthly
workshop meeting to discuss the issue of the old Lake Carmel Firehouse and
your proposal to lease a portion of the space to the Town of Kent Recreation
Department. Our recommendation at this time would be to table this issue for now.
You were elected on a platform of open government and inclusion of the public
in the decision process and that is what we would like to see happen in
regard to your plan.

The Advisory Committee would like to hold their monthly resident meeting
first, which will be on February 10, to inform the residents about your plan.
After our meeting with you on January 30, we feel that they have a right to be
properly informed and that to fast track this issue before proper notice has
been given for public comment would be remiss of us as an Advisory Committee.
Also, a needs assessment is currently being done on the building, which should be
completed before any future uses can be discussed.

We understand the Town Board's need to expedite this issue as soon as
possible, but it seems to us to be a bit premature, since a resolution to set this
plan in motion has not even been voted on by the entire Town Board.

We want to keep the lines of communication open so as to resolve this issue
amicably with the Town Board.

Wanda Schweitzer


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