Comments on the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
for the Kent Town Center from the
Town of Kent Conservation Advisory Council

28 August 2002

George Baum
63 Rambler Road
Kent Lakes, NY 10512

Office of Vincent Leibel
attn: Ray Maguire
SE Business Center, Suite 301
Brewster, NY 10509

Dear Mr. Maguire,

The hearings on the FEIS for the Kent Town Center have now been completed. There is an area that the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC) has brought up several times that has not received adequate consideration. Despite the importance of energy conservation, the HVAC systems proposed for the Center are conventional and do not reflect the use of available technology that will reduce the use of fossil fuels despite National and State incentives and imperatives. Shallow depth geothermal heat pumps were used locally in the heating and cooling systems for the Putnam Valley school campus. Such systems have reduced energy requirements, lower operating costs, and are far more environmentally friendly that the conventional systems designed for the Town Center. Further, Governor Pataki is actively promoting the use of solar photoelectric panels for State buildings. Grants at the State and National level are available for partially subsidizing their installation.

I urge you to request that the design architect give serious consideration to these widely used technologies which would reduce our operating costs, contribute to the national goal of reducing dependance on foreign oil, and reduce the carbon dioxide burden.


George Baum
Chair, Kent CAC

CC: Kent Town Board
Fred Wells


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