Richard F. Quaglietta

I have been a resident of Kent for the past 9 years and have been attending town board meetings for approximately 5 years, and have witnessed a board of mass confusion. The current town board is, for the most part, a group of bickering self serving people who lack the efficiency and skills needed to conduct town business. We are known as the "Town of Can't" because our town board can't get anything accomplished without fighting, yelling and screaming and insulting the public.

Open Government

I set a goal to make the citizens of Kent aware of the behavior of these elected officials. I began to film town board and workshop meetings and aired them on local cable TV and have made the tapes available to anyone who wants to view them. My efforts were not without a fight from several board members, yet I accomplished the goal and continue to bring these meetings into your homes.

When elected I will continue my quest for open government.


There has been much talk of building sewers for Lake Carmel. The theory may be correct and it can be done, but at phenomenal cost to the taxpayer.

Lake Carmel is built mostly on solid rock. The cost to bury sewer lines and build a sewage treatment plant to handle the sewage could exceed $70 million. This is why I am in favor of alternatives to traditional sewering using proven technologies to clean up not only Lake Carmel, but all of Kent's lake communities.

This is not a new concept, in fact, studies have shown favorable outcomes in other areas of New York for a fraction of the cost of treatment plants. Alternative septic systems may give our lakes what they need at a savings to the taxpayer. I will work hard to lobby the County Health Department to allow these proven systems in our town.

Business Development

The Town of Kent must look to the future. We must, and will be, business friendly, with careful consideration for our environment, traffic, and existing open spaces. Sustainable commercial development would add to the towns tax base and give some relief to the homeowner. We must offer incentives to new and existing businesses and consider their needs. As Councilman I will invite all parties to the table to discuss how we can get the job done, something this current town board has been unable or unwilling to do.


In the spring of 2000, the Kent Police departments ceiling collapsed, rendering the Caravetta building unsafe for them to occupy. The towns insurance policy paid approximately $33,000 dollars for repairs.

The town board decided not to repair the ceiling. Instead they had trailers placed in the parking lot of the building as a temporary work station for the police.

To date, these temporary quarters have cost the taxpayers $182,000 and the price is still climbing! One might ask why the repairs were not done in a timely manner, saving the taxpayer around $150,000?

This is because of the inability of the town board to work together and develop intelligent solutions in a crisis. If I had been a Councilmen at that time, I would have had the necessary repairs completed ASAP allowing our police officers a safe & dignified work place while saving the taxpayer unnecessary costs.

The examples given here are just a few of many others that face this town. I invite any citizen to call me with any questions.

Thank You

Richard Quaglietta

(845) 225-3785



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Wednesday, January 5, 2005