Can anyone tell me what are the specific qualifications to serve as town building inspector?

Is it an architectural degree? License in one or more trades? Or does being the secretary or the former B. I make you immediately qualified for the job?

I am sure that I am not the only resident who has noticed the degree of unprofessional and selective enforcement that goes on with our towns building department. I was informed today that my father would have to tear down his home or face $250.00 a week fines for due to completing a project on his home after his permit had expired. The building inspector waited until after the job was finished to issue a stop work order.

This is my dad's only place to live and he is disabled living on a very limited fixed income. I had to leave my job to make the necessary repairs to his home so as to stop his water damage and heat loss. Now I am told that he must tear the roof off his house in the middle of the winter or face astounding fines that he will never be able to pay.

I find it disgusting my dad spent 15 years of his life saving his neighbors houses as a founding member and firefighter in the Kent Volunteer Fire Department. Now he is about to find his own home destroyed by the very people he risked his life and safety to protect. I also serve as a firefighter and find this very disturbing. I bust my but trying to clean up around my dad's property and make repairs to his home so as to improve his quality of life as well as our neighbors. I do this as well as work to put food on the table. Yet when the call comes at 2AM to save a neighbors dwelling or at 4:30AM to cut someone out of a car wreck in the freezing rain or to transport a un responsive elderly person to the hospital in a blinding snow storm I never hesitate to answer that call.

I just fell a little disenchanted to serve selflessly a town that would turn it's back on my own father in his hour of need. So I ask you my neighbors and friends, what if it was your home you were about to lose?


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Wednesday, February 6, 2002