The Bark Log

The chart below is a copy of a log a town resident has been keeping to document the dog barking problems in his neighborhood. The Kent Police, Animal Control and the Town Board have all been appraised of this situation but all appear either powerless, unable or inable to resolve it.

No resident has to live like this - but unfortunately, residents often feel powerless to repair the problem (it does not help when government will not assist in enforcing existing codes) or feel there is nothing they can do.

Residents need to know they can AND SHOULD call the police for all noise issues including radios and stereos, ATV's and snowmobiles, barking and running dogs, or lawn equipment run incessantly.

Your neighbor's right to make noise ends a foot from your ears.

[This log may contain language not suitable to dog owners]

Date Time Family Event Length Notes
1/15/01 8:00 A_ Whiny Dog 15
1/18/01 7:18 M_ Woof! Woof! 10
1/18/01 18:00 A_ Woof! Woof! 30
1/18/01 16:43 A_ Whiny Dog 5 I'm impressed
1/19/01 7:30 ?????? Bark Fest 45
1/19/01 8:09 M_ Woof! Woof! 5
1/20/01 7:30 M_ Woof! Woof! 5
1/20/01 7:45 V_ Getting paper 10
1/20/01 8:30 M_ Bark-a-thon 30 Running Dogs?
1/20/01 18:15 M_ Woof! Woof! 10
1/21/01 6:05 A_ Woof! Woof! 60 typical on and off
1/21/01 8:35 M_ Woof! Woof! 5 getting my paper - got all the other dogs in the 'hood going.
1/21/01 10:30 A_ Bark Fest 90 Every friggin' dog in the 'hood
1/21/01 12:15 M_ Woof! Woof! 10 Got 'em all going - got it on tape.
1/21/01 14:00 M_ Woof! Woof! 20 Ditto (sans the tape)
1/22/01 7:15 M_ Woof! Woof! 5 Good Morning!
1/22/01 7:43 M_ Woof! Woof! see note It's the "Hey, I'm here!" bark
1/22/01 7:47 M_ Woof! Woof! see note It's the "Hey, I'm here!" bark
1/22/01 9:10 M_ Woof! Woof! see note It's the "Hey, I'm here!" bark
1/22/01 11:15 M_ Woof! Woof! see note It's the "Hey, I'm here!" bark
1/22/01 12:07 M_ Woof! Woof! see note It's the "Hey, I'm here!" bark
1/22/01 16:47 A_ Bark Fest 20
1/22/01 17:42 M_ Woof! Woof! see note It's the "Hey, I'm here!" bark
1/23/01 8:51 A_ Woof! Woof! 5
1/23/01 17:15 A_ Electrocution
1/24/01 16:00 A_ Woof! Woof! for an hour or so
1/24/01 17:55 M_ I'm here!
1/24/01 18:20 A_ Electrocution
1/24/01 18:38 A_ Still at it
1/25/01 6:20 M_ The Morning Wake Up
1/25/01 6:45 Ma_(?) little hysterical dog 20
1/25/01 9:15 A_ Slow electrocution
1/25/01 9:40 A_ Slow electrocution Still going strong!
1/25/01 18:15 Everyone It's a virtual Barkfest 45
1/25/01 19:09 M_ Woof! Woof! 60 Had to use the Horn
1/26/01 5:10 M_ Wake up! Wake Up!
1/26/01 9:20 M_ Woof! Woof!
1/26/01 19:30 M_ Woof! Woof!
1/26/01 20:45 M_ Woof! Woof!
1/26/01 22:20 M_ Woof! Woof!
1/29/01 14:15 A_ I'm here! I'm here! 110 So far he's still going
1/29/01 16:45 A_ Giovanna's Dogs are roaming 20
1/29/01 17:30 M_ Woof! Woof! 10
1/29/01 17:35 A_ General Noise 90 Still Going!
1/30/01 8:15 A_ Squealy 20 I came down to do some chores, the A_s were backing out of the driveway and the dog was squealing as he does when ever he sees them but is separated from them. I went out on the deck to put the coffee grinds in the compost and they saw me, pulled back in the driveway and sat there and watched for a good 15 minutes while the dog squealed and cried for them, just to piss me off. They are heartless friggers.
2/1/01 4:54 M_ GOOD frigING MORNING!
2/1/01 All Afternoon A_ 240
2/2/01 8:15 A_ Surprise! Well, it was a watershed day today as I know know the U_'s may be off the hook completely. That, after all this time of thinking they had a barking dog it turns out the dogs belong to Jim A_. I went out to get the mail this morning and they started barking. I turn back towards the noise and finally, after all this time, I see them both running in the pen barking. Damn.
2/3/01 13:15 A_ Ditto 180 That's not a misprint
2/4/01 15:30 A_ No Surprise here 300 Neither is this
2/5/01 8:30 R_ Running Dogs 60 They run, they bark, the other dogs bark.
2/5/01 10:00 A_ Occasional Barking This will run all day, on and off
2/5/01 16:20 A_ Hysterical Barking 120 And sure enough it has. (nonstop!)
Don't be fooled by the emptiness here. Just a few days of normal, even acceptable(!) levels of noise.
2/8/01 17:30 A_ 180 Another evening dinner ruined. Thanks Jim
2/9/01 7:30 A_ 60 He's home now because the dog is squealing not barking. The dogs bark when he's not home but squeal when they can see him or know he's around. It's a pitiful sound and he must be a hard, cold man.
2/12/01 6:30 Ma_? cute little doggie with a big mouth 35 Had to use the horn
2/13/01 7:15 A_ 135 All Day Long
2/14/01 22:35 Ma_ Bark Fest 45 Unusual, but now I can place where all those dogs are.
2/15/01 5:45 M_ Wake Up call 5
2/15/01 9:10 A_ Hmmm…. 70
2/15/01 17:05 A_, M_, T_, V_, Ma_ A complete barkfest 20 Every dog in the 'hood is now barking and has for about 20 minutes. Someone at the T_ place came home which set the dogs to "hysterical" and now everyone has joined in. Isn't there some law against kennels?
2/16/01 6:15 A_ Wake Up Hysteria 180 frig You Jim
2/16/01 23:20 A_ I'm not sure 5 Thanks for the night cap, Jim
2/17/01 6:00 Ma_ cute little doggie again 30 now I know, or think I know who the cute little doggie belongs to . Either Ma_ or V_
2/23/01 6:00 M_ Good Morning!
2/23/01 8:20 M_ Sumptin's up over there.
2/24/01 7:15 M_ Good Morning!
2/24/01 16:00 A_ Well, he must have returned or the U_ have come back and the dog is freaking out 90 Uh huh. We thought of building a geodesic dome around the house.
2/25/01 0:15 R_ Could that be Paco? 120 This is not a promising sign. If she doesn't let the dog in he'll be barking all night - just like in the old days and that would require dramatic action. At about 2 o'clock I finally was drunk enough to fall asleep.
2/26/01 16:58 A_ Squealy 20
2/27/01 4:36 M_ Good frigging Morning
5:15 Ma_? Little Yappie Dog 20 This is day can only get better. Right?
3/3/01 5:45 Everyone? Bark Fest to greet the rising sun
3/3/01 9:45 Everyone? Bark Fest to greet mid morning 90
3/3/01 18:50 Ma_, A_ Barking at me while I move my car? Nasty crap
3/5/01 23:47 M_ Wake Up! The wind is scaring me!
3/8/01 17:00 A_ So, he's come home. No wonder it was so quiet around here. He was away with the dog! 40
3/12/01 5:45 M_ Good Morning!
3/12/01 7:00 A_ Squealy and Barky 20
3/12/01 15:05 A_ Really Squealy! 30 The poor thing is hysterical!
3/14/01 7:40 A_ I guess Jim must be leaving 20
3/14/01 4:00 A_ You know, "Hey give me attention!" 60
3/15/01 16:55 A_ It Squeals 45 While he works in the yard the dog squeals. He does this for hours at a a time sometimes
3/15/01 21:35 R_ A Paco Sonata 45 Fresh from eating the carcass of a deer from down the road Paco stands at the foot of his driveway and howls. And howls. And Howls.
3/16/01 8:00 M_ Mason must find some way to alert all his doggie friends what he had for breakfast. 30 On and off for more than half an hour.
3/16/01 8:20 A_ And the dogs must converse and squeal and squeal and squeal. 30
3/16/01 15:51 A_ Can't seem to leave the neighbors alone. We work outside the bitch barks. 45
3/17/01 14:00 A_ Seems even the U_ kids can't play outside with the dog barking at them. This time you could hear the kid yelling "shutup!" at the damned thing. 20
3/17/01 14:29 T_ As summer comes on and our sliders are open more I know this is going to be a problem, just like last summer. 20 He's got several dogs over there that just bark and bark and bark hysterically when he's not around. Today, he's out there with the snowblower (it hasn't snowed, mind you) and his dog are going wild.
3/17/01 15:10 M_ I suppose Mason needs to announce his presence again 5
3/17/01 15:50 A_ It Squeals! 120
3/20/01 All day A_ I've been bus these past few days so I haven't had the time to be annoyed by the bitch in the next yard. Until today. All damned day the things barks or squeals. 120
3/21/01 5:11 M_ WAKE UP! WAKE UP!! 10
3/21/01 7:59 M_ COME ON, GET UP! 10
3/21/01 18:00 A_ Full Force Squeal-a-thon 30
3/22/01 7:30 A_ All morning long 180
3/23/01 8:00 A_ Was barking when I left 60
3/24/01 7:15 A_ The morning Squealy show begins 30 Well, if one goes, don’t' they all? M_, A_, T_ and a new one. A NEW ONE! What the hell are we going to do about yet one more dog in the 'hood?
3/27/01 19:20 A_, M_, R_, Ma_, T_, V_ After a quiet few days he begins 120 Three hours later and all the dogs in the hood are still too active for sleep.
3/27/01 22:00 R_ Paco speaks! 20 Just like the old days
4/5/01 19:00 A_ Who else? 90 After a week of almost acceptable noise we're in deep shit again I see.
4/7/01 5:42 M_ Wow! He had an awful lot to say 45
4/7/01 5:45 T_ How they can sleep in the house with all the dogs going at the same time…? 30 They can't sleep and neither can anyone else.
4/7/01 6:00 R_ Well, so long as everyone else is barking 45
4/7/01 7:45 A_ Hey, don't forget me! 30
4/7/01 8:40 A_ Here we go again!
4/8/01 15:00 A_ the Squealy Show 240 This time was horrid. Had to call Animal control and got no response then Called the Kent police and also got no response.
4/9/01 10:45 A_ More Squealy Show!
4/9/01 17:00 A_ You guessed it 120 Got a call from Animal Control telling us there was nothing they can do.
4/10/01 16:00 T_ What the frig is going on up there? 120
4/10/01 16:00 A_ He must have to respond 30
4/10/01 18:00 T_ Continues 120
4/10/01 A_ Joins 10
4/10/01 Ma_ Even hers 20
4/10/01 M_ Sure, might as well all get in 20
4/11/01 7:00 A_ Time to wake up! 20
4/11/01 7:30 R_ Paco Speaks! 30
4/11/01 7:30 A_ And Daisy must respond 30
4/11/01 7:35 T_ Now his dogs join in 20
4/11/01 9:00 A_ Needs to do his all day barking thing
4/11/01 9:34 A_ Still going! 20
4/12/01 8:00 A_ Gotta get the 'hood going now 90
4/13/01 17:45 A_ The Squealy dog gets zero tolerance but only because they do it on purpose. 15
4/13/01 19:45 R_ Paco has been restless of late. Look back at the log to see an increase in instances. 10
4/13/01 11:15 Ma_ I think the little yappy dog is hers 30
4/13/01 11:20 R_ Paco again… this is scary. 20
4/13/01 11:40 M_ No, Mason never barks 5
4/14/01 8:20 M_
4/14/01 8:40 A_ Remember, if you go out to get the paper you'll launch a 20 minute bark attack 20
4/14/01 16:05 A_ they're not even home… 5
4/15/01 9:15 A_ It begins, not a lot but just enough to be annoying 120
4/15/01 15:45 A_ Now it squeals 45
4/21/01 14:30 A_ As usual we start here 180 Silence as we pulled into the driveway and then the distinct sound of the door opening, the dog being led out to the cage followed by the gentlest of tauntings…
4/21/01 14:45 T_ This was pretty good 45 He turned the stereo up after the dogs refused to stop barking. How nice!
4/21/01 14:45 M_ Mason was stuck outside 120
4/21/01 15:00 R_ Even Paco has gotten into the act today 90
4/22/01 8:00 A_ Yes, the Squeals begin. 60 It's those intermittent squeals. You know the kind, they set you off, then it's quiet… then next thing you know the poor thing is hysterical - followed by a few moments of quiet, I suppose while it catches it's breath… and on and on.
4/22/01 9:40 Sp_? R_? A new tiny squealing puppy? 60
4/22/01 10:30 Everyone It's a barkfest
4/22/01 18:00 Well, just about everyone It's hard to hear the dogs barking over the roar of the ATV's 90
4/23/01 6:40 A_ Well, at least he starts it. 45
4/23/01 7:30 Ma_ Small yappy dog 30 Had to use the new horn for the first time - it got results!
4/28/01 7:15 A_ And a Good Squealy Morning to you too! 30 Can't even water the garden anymore.
4/28/01 16:30 A_ Oy! 60 A voiced request, "Priscilla, could you please control your dog?" was met with a voiced "frig you!". Hmmm….
4/28/01 18:40 A_ 40 I'm not even sure what time I called Animal Control but I'm sure whenever it was either they didn't come, or came well after the fact and heard nothing - as is becoming the case. I'm getting the feeling Annemarie does not want this resolved.
4/29/01 6:52 M_ Good frigging morning to you too! 15 You know, considering the owner of this dog once gave me a lecture about how the neighbors were all insensitive and rude… eh. We're not getting anywhere.
4/29/01 21:15 R_ Paco lives I suppose 90 Lights are on at her place so I know she hears the dog. Can't figure out why she's letting him bark so long. She must be getting laid, for a change, and not wanting to bother with the animal.


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