Kent Town Center Referendum - Wednesday July 25th, 2001

Poll Workers had a long day as more than 2400 Kent residents
- a smashing turnout - came to vote on a hot, muggy, 91 degree day.
Vote Tally *
No 679

With a victory of truly historic proportions and a decisive vote of 1942 in favor and only 679 against, the good citizens of the Town of Kent have spoken with a voice so loud and unified those nattering nabobs of negativity should be silenced once and for all.
Kent Supervisor candidate Bil Tulipane
and Senator Vinnie Liebell waiting for
the votes to be counted
More than 50 people crowded the Kent School this evening to witness the vote count. NY State Senator Vincent Leibell, Councilman Joe D'Ambrosio and Supervisor candidate Bil Tulipane were joined by Kent Supervisor Baisley.

Bonnie Eggena worked hard
with the Friends of the Kent
Library to insure this victory

Dona Boyer and Bonnie Eggena of the Friends of the Kent Library, Jim and Wilma Baker from P.L.A.N. Kent, Kevin Owens and a dozen officers of the Kent PBA, Gretchen Brokaw of the Lake Carmel Community Center Board and Town Board candidates Richard Quaglietta and Kathy Doherty, were only a few of the people on hand to witness this positive and progressive community spirited event.

Donna Boyer, Can now spend some time planning to move her crowded library to modern quarters.

This broad coalition of
public and community groups worked together without rancor and without ego to effect a positive change for our town.

Mazel Tov to all
who were involved!

Town Councilman Joe D'Ambrosio is joined by Supervisor Canditate Bil Tulipane and Town Council Candidate Richard Quaglietta

Lake Carmel Commuity Center Board member Gretchen Brokaw went all out to help win this for the community

The one question on everyone's lips was: where were Council Members Denis Illuminati,
Pat Madigan and Christine Woolley? Once again, the 'Gang of Three' was notably absent.


With a bright future for our town and with gratitude to those of
you who worked and voted to make it happen, thanks.

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* Official Tally by BOE was not available at press time. These numbers may change


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Wednesday, July 25, 2001