New Kent "Town Center" Presentation

An 1100 foot long boulevard entrance with a greensward down the middle brings you to the new Town campus.

As you enter from Route 52 the new Police Station will be on your left. Ahead you are met with a large circular drive that brings you to each of the three main buildings around a common central area onto which the buildings face - the Town Center.

You turn right and the first building will be the Senior/Community Center which will be built under Phase II.

Next comes the Town Hall itself and after that the new Library, a much needed and welcome resource.

Behind a ridge, and to be built at a later date are 50 "cottage" type cluster houses for Kent's Senior Citizens.

The Plans

Senator Leibell addresses an attentive crowd of over 200 people at the Kent Elementary School. Coming with him to make the presentation were engineers, architects and the man who will help us bond the monies, the dashing, Dan Birmingham. Liebell address the crowd
Senator Liebell talks to Councilman D'Ambrosio Councilman Joseph D'Ambrosio and Senator Leibell have a friendly chat before the meeting began.

PeopleMore people

  On Thursday April 12th, 2001 Senator Vincent Leibell came to Kent to help our town unveil plans for our long awaited and much needed Town Center.  

11,000 sq. ft. of offices, courts and a meeting hall to accommodate about 115 people.

New Town Hall



  Proposed New Town Hall Building
10,600 sq. ft. of rack space, 9800 sq ft of basement storage, and a special children's library space New Library



  Proposed New Library
8300 sq ft. New and proper areas for all police business including holding cells and separate locker rooms. New Police Station (Photo coming soon!)



The Senator was able to work with the Town Board to come up with a viable and sensible business plan to pay for the new Town Hall complex.

  • Total Construction costs should run about $7,000,000
  • As part of that plan we would borrow the monies to pay for construction and pay it out over 30 years at a rate only municipalities can get - probably around 4%. We would be borrowing $5,000,000.
  • We already have $1,400,000 on hand and allocated for this work and we expect to see another $500,000 from the sale of old buildings we'll no longer be needing.
  • We are currently paying around $83,000 a year in rent.
  • The cost to the average taxpayer with a house assessed at $190,000 would be only $ 54.72 a year.

New Kent Town Center Complex Explained - Journal News Article of April 13, 2001


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