Kent Conservation Advisory Committee
Annual Hike to Mount Nimham - October 27th 2002

Special thanks to Roddy Glasser [ ] for allowing us to use his pictures.

The view from the Mount Nimham fire tower stretches from the Catskills, to the Berkshires to the skyline of NYC 60 miles away
After gathering the hike becomes educational. Jim Baker describes the Townsend family root cellar (some think it's an alien gateway to other dimensions or an ancient Celtic artefact) and Jeff Green explains the history of the hand dug well under a giant maple.
Faces of the people who walked with us
The hike leaders: Jim Baker, George Baum and Jeff Green
At the top of the mountain Gil Tarbox and Penny Osborn gave a history of Daniel Nimham and drummed in his memory
Looking at the West Branch Reservoir from the Fire Tower


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