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The Town of Kent, (often known as Kent Lakes), sits high on the spectacular Hudson Highlands 60 miles north of New York City in the north central portion of Putnam County.

Within our borders are two State Parks, three State Multiple Use Areas, a portion of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (see Tourism), and thousands of acres of spectacular open spaces under the permanent protection of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

We're also home to a dozen sizable lakes and their vacation homes, now mostly year round communities for our 15,000 friendly residents. We welcome you to our community run home on the 'net and hope you'll find us a pleasant place to live, to visit and to do business. Contact us!

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8/13/06 - Arts on the Lake: Why is it taking so long?
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03/15/06 - pre-DEIS Review Comments on Patterson Crossing

01/15/06 - DEP reqiures Kent Manor SEIS! [pdf file]

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Proposed Daniel Nimham sculpture by Kent's own
Mike Keropian -
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  • Where or what was Fredericksburg(h)?
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News : (archive)

05/21/06 ­ Placing big rocks on top of big rocks will be the job of a mason yet to be hired by the Kent Historical Society as the restoration of a Revolutionary War-era mill gets under way. [more]

05/03/06 - Two more teenagers have been arrested in connection with a prank last week in which tires were deflated on Carmel Central School District buses, an action that delayed school two hours and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in overtime. [more]

04/28/06 - Maybe the 17-year-old Carmel High School student charged with deflating the tires on dozens of school buses this week thought it was a clever prank. [more]

04/06/06 - "I'm just concerned," said Mike Dunne, who lives on Woodland Drive, where four poles still wear their decorations. "No one's really stepping forward. It's a public-safety issue." [more]

Forum: (archives)

10/16/05 - This community deserves more then empty promises, with the mean family income hovering around $70,000 I doubt many residents can afford the current tax rate. Do our elected officials expect them to get part time jobs to pay for the tax bill? [more]

07/25/05 - The developer is planning to dump 25 million gallons/year of treated effluent into Palmer Lake. In a heavy rain, overflow will run into Palmer Lake, increasing the bacteria level to unhealthy levels, as happened in Lake Secor on July 19, 2005. [more]

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